SP5 Ravil Shukle and Building your Customer Support Happiness Department

October 5, 2015

We work so hard in getting SEO clients but what about SEO happiness. What about working towards the client satisfaction. in this show I talk to my friend Raki Shukle about customer happiness... building a brand, and using social media like a champ.


SP4 Marvin Russell and MySiteAuditor.com

October 2, 2015

MyMysiteAuditor is one of my new and favorite SEO tools, dedicated mainly for Lead Generation. I have been using this tool to get prospects and close deals in my SEO business. So I wanted to interview Marvin Russell today and find more about his path in the SEO industry and how we came up with the idea of MySiteAuditor.com


SP3 Dino Gomez - The SEO entrepreneur and the sucessful mindset in business

September 30, 2015

Did you go into SEO to find a better life, did you want to start your SEO agency? You need to listen to Dino Gomez, not only this interview is inspirational but it will help you understand why the business of SEO is simply awesome if you get it done right.


SP2 James Norquay: Corporate SEO done right.

September 28, 2015

how to do corporate SEO properly? in this interview James Norquay from prosperity media reveals his path and the way he tackles the most challenging parts of dealing with really Big clients. A must listen to SEO agencies and Search Engine Optimization consultants


SP1 Ryan Stewart: White hat SEO and Content Marketing

September 24, 2015

Ryaa Stewart and Content marketing and strategies for super effective white hat SEO. Learn how Ryan became an auhtority in SEO using white hat tactics and awesome content marketing